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Wydouw Nicolas 

Born at the Belgium coast in 1986.

And now living in the wonderful country side 45min from Brussels.

I found my passion for photography at an early age and was always seen with a camera in my hands

trying to capture my world in a different prospective.

When the wanderlust gripped me I could do nothing else than to follow it.

The world is full of beautiful places and cultures that are awaiting to be discovered and I had the privilege to see some of them during my many trips abroad.

In my pictures, my goal is to show the beauty, grace and strength of mother nature and the enthusiasm of people.

My recent focus has been on landscape photography

and showcases the world the wonders that she gives.

Since we as humans have the tendency of forgetting in what a wonderful world we live in, its know more importend than ever to show it and respect it.

My work places nature and cities in a new eye that highlights an aspect of what they are.

I do not only work in Belgium but also abroad.

looking for a sense of power and peace in my work.

Wydouw Nicolas captures poignant and profound moments with a creative twist. He offers exceptional personal service for each and every one of his clients, so get in touch today and book your session.

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